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 RULES (Must Read)

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PostSubject: RULES (Must Read)   Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:55 am

Welcome members of the Shadow Realm. Here are the easy-to-follow rules of our forum. When it comes to rules of my authority I’m serious unless I am in a good mood. Follow these rules at all times and you will be O.K.

1. Make sure you do not start any drama. I don’t care if you’re complaining about a card rule or something you disagree. Other members do not want to see your arguments and I consider it SPAM. If you want to complain then PM an admin/mod about it or PM the user you disagree with. If the user does not reply to you then obviously means he/she does not want to talk to you. If that is so then LEAVE IT!!! Do not talk about your personal life or your “Problems” because some of us really don’t care. If your girlfriend\boyfriend dumped you then don’t connect that to a children’s card game forum.

2. Do not pick on the new members. If they mess up posting on the wrong topic then they get a slide and a warning. If the same act or type of act is done then that member (whether new or not) will be on Probation. If somebody post a completely dumb post which was an amazingly waist of our time reading it, then that person will be punished depending on how far the post goes. Calling other people IN THIS FORUM ONLY noobs as an insult is banned.

3. Do not complain about our staff and what we are doing. The mods are here to help you and to keep order. If I or another admin/mod sees another mod acting like a nincompoop then we will deal with it.

4. Please do not give your personal information. If you plan on doing that then keep it elsewhere outside this forum. You never know how old somebody can really be. They could say they are 16 but can really be a 35 year old molester. :/

5. Make sure you post on the right topics. If you post somewhere different then you will be warned. Simple rule to follow.

6. No spamming or completely off-topic post.

7. If you want to text duel then keep it in PM.

8. No excessive cussing. Be sure to keep it at a minimum.

1st= Warning 1
2nd= Warning 2
3rd= Probation
4th= Banned
5th= Suspended (at least a month)
Final= you’re otta here

Also if you are about to get banned you can duel a duelist of the ADMINs choosing. If you win you can be back into the forum instantly on probation. If you lose you are suspended for a month. Its a hard choice so choose wisely. This is called a Shadow Duel.

These are it and by following them then the Shadow Realm will be a fun safe place.
Have a nice day.

-Yugi Moto

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PostSubject: Re: RULES (Must Read)   Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:09 am

These rules have been approved and are very good thanks for your help Yugi.

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RULES (Must Read)
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