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 Dartz is here and will always be here

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PostSubject: Dartz is here and will always be here   Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:52 pm

Helloz To everyone, This is me Dartz and you might just know me from UDA, KDA, DA, or BK...

I joined here because i wanna make this site d best out there even better than mine.

so These are my details: KCVDS Name: The master of orichalcos

HAM Name: Dartz

HAM: kcvds dueling pass: kaibacorp


kcvds dueling 2 pass: kaibacorp


kcvds dueling 3 pass: kaibacorp

So anytime u wanna duel me just PM me in ham
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Dartz is here and will always be here
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