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 Testers needed

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Marik Ishtar

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PostSubject: Testers needed   Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:15 pm

Hello again from the shadow realm i just stopped by to say that i need some volunteers to help me by being testers i really need them sincee i cant test people do to my Dial Up Connection.

On another note i want everybody who responds to also answer this question:
Do you want a duel disk feature such as

Battle City Duel Disk:If you win your opponent must give you a deck recipe and if you lose you give them a recipe

Jewel Disk:If you win you get double the money but if you lose you pay double

Academy Disk-Red:Your Opponent cannot use lv 2 and below monsters and you can only use lv 4 and below monsters.(Fusion Monsters and Ritual Monsters dont count)

Academy Disk-Yellow:Your Opponent cannot use monsters with 1500 ATK and Below but you can only use monsters with less than 2000 Original ATK. (Fusion Monsters and Ritual Monsters dont count)

Academy Disk-Blue:Your Opponent can only destroy your monsters by battle with a monster with 500 atk points or more than the attacked monster. (LP damage still applies)

More to come but if you have any questions just ask me about the rulings.

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Testers needed
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