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 Millenneum Items

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Marik Ishtar

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PostSubject: Millenneum Items   Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:12 am

There are 7 Millennium Items and they will be distributed to people in this forum these items have special powers on this forum.The items effects and holders are as followed:


(1) Millennium Puzzle-This item has the power to harness the evil in one's heart and send it to the shadows where it belongs. This item also grants the owner the power of unification, to find one's self, to be whole. This item also holds the spirit of the Pharaoh.

The owner of this item can win one less time then needed in a tournament.
EX:In a tournament if a user has to win 2 times he automatically has one win already.

Also once per duel you can take one card from your deck and place it on top of your deck.


(2)Millennium Rod-This item has the power to control one's mind and make them your mind slave, speaking through them, acting through them, and making them do the owner's bidding. It is nearly impossible to resist the power of the rod, but it has been done before. This item also can create "Shadow Forces", intense forces and energy blasts that could kill a person if used to excess or used too strongly, also able to bind a person in their tracks as well. This item holds a dark spirit inside of it that will bring out one's darker side.

When dueling this possessor he or she has the ability to use one banned card and their opponent cannot.

Also once per duel the owner can take control of one monster on his/her opponents field.

This can summon a branch of the shadow realm.

Owner: Marik Ishtar

(3)Millennium Ring-This item has the ability to make anything the owner chooses come to life. This item also has the ability to phase souls in and out of things or places. This item shines and its pointers stand on end when another item is near. A dark and evil spirit possesses this item and whoever wears it.

When dueling this items possessor you must defeat he/her once more then how many you had to beat them
EX:if you have to beat 1ce you now have to beat 2ce and he/her still only has to beat you once.

Once per duel this possessor can special summon one LV 4 monster from your opponents graveyard.

This can summon a branch of the shadow realm

Owner: Dark King Guns

(4)Millennium Eye-This item can only be worn by someone worthy. This item grants the wearer the ability to see through one's eyes, reading their thoughts, and the power to trap spirits, but at the cost of the wearer's left eye. This item has a dark presence residing in it.

Here when dueling your opponent must show you what cards are in your hand when dueling whenever you ask.

This can summon a branch of the shadow realm.


(5) Millennium Necklace-This item has the ability to show the possesor an accurate reading of the future, and even happenings of the past, and it's readings are almost never wrong, unless another Millennium Item is interfering with it. The wearer must have control of this item for it to work properly.

When dueling this possessor for Shadow Points if this user loses the points are halved and if he/she wins they are doubled.

Also once per duel you can look at the top 3 cards of your deck and return them in the same position.

If a person has an item that can summon a shadow realm branch and they wanna summon that realm they must duel in DMU and the loser loses 2 of their decks.

Owner: None

(6) Millennium Key-This item is a key to a person's mind. With this power, you can tap into a person's thoughts and change them to your liking. This item also grants the holder and anyone that person chooses to be shrouded in darkness momentarily, or cloaked invisible.

When dueling this posseor you must take a Screen Shot or make a list of your deck and show it to your opponent.


(7) Millennium Scale-This item can tell the holder if someone is lying or not. This item may also weigh a person's heart against the Feather of Truth. If that person's heart is lighter than the feather, then they are true of heart. If it is heavier, that person's heart is shrouded in darkness.

When dueling another Millennium Item this can cancel out the effect of that item.
Also 3 times a duel you can look at either a facedown spell/trap/or monster.


Only a person with a Millennnium Item can make a Shadow Duel and it must be in DMU the loser must give up 2 decks.

There can be a wager for Millennium Items at anytime the possessor wants or accepts one.

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Millenneum Items
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